Letter to My Young Adult Self

So I read a blog post by @bookaddictguide on Twitter. She did a blog post to her YA (young adult) self. I thought this was a really great idea and wanted to do it myself. However, please check out her original blog post The Book Addicts Guide Blog Post and follow her on Twitter @bookaddictguide


Dear Teenage Brittany,

There are so many things I want to tell you, to show you. I want to wrap you in my arms and let you know through it all your gonna make it to the other side. I can’t promise that there won’t be more rough patches or hard times because that would be a lie. However, I can promise you that you will find happiness, love, and family. I wish I could hold you and wipe the tears and hurt from your eyes. You have been through so much your whole life, things no child and no teenager should ever have to face. However, you know you are not alone, deep down you know this. Hold on to the hope that you have been given, don’t let it fade because it will get you through the most difficult times in life and even allow you to be there for others who need you.

I know you feel like everything that happens is your fault, or that those you love seem to die around you. I can’t promise that will stop, it won’t, but it’s not your fault! Stop telling yourself everything is your fault, it’s not! People get sick, things happen, this is a sick and dying world. There are people going through worse than you, so be grateful for the family and friends that you have.

As for boys. Forget em. I don’t mean give up on liking boys I simply mean stop worrying about being alone forever, and not finding ‘the one.’ You are going to make mistakes in that department, you are going to get attached to the wrong one’s and think something is wrong with you. Don’t worry about it, you will find ‘the one’ and he will come out of nowhere! Trust me when I tell you, you will not expect it, but you will learn quickly that it was always meant to be and God had a plan for your life the whole time.

Your marriage will be rough at first, just like most marriages. You both will make mistakes, but that’s ok your learning about each other and learning how to love and live with one another. Just be patient, it takes awhile for him to adjust to your level of hyperactive craziness *laughs*. Trust me, it get’s so much better! You even fall in love with him all over again, when you find out that you’re going to be parents! Seeing him form into a father will be something to behold. He will be such a good daddy! I don’t want to give away the surprise of what you will have because that’s half the fun!

Never stop reading and writing! Just don’t! Books helped you escape a lot of things in the past. You were able to go to another world and be a different person. One day that will evolve and you will be the one helping others to escape into the world you have created. You will read and help authors to grow and expand. Your creativity is everything never take it for granted.

Your artwork will never stop being important to you. You will draw, paint, sculpt, and do so many things you never thought possible! You will learn that art is more than just a passion but a gift that you have to give others. Don’t be a snob, and don’t compare your work to others. You are your own individual and you have your own style that is ever growing. However, this doesn’t mean stop learning! Learn from others styles and works, it will help you to grow into the artist you are meant to be.

Finally, love! Never stop loving. Love yourself first and foremost. Love God and give him everything because he will give everything in return., Love your family both blood and non-blooded family because you will find the ones that will never leave your side. Love those that don’t deserve it, that have done you wrong, love them anyways because God loves them. You don’t want to be a hypocrite, do you? no. So just love, you have such a big caring heart for people. Use it! Yes when you love, sometimes your love is taken for granted, abused and sometimes ignored. Don’t stop loving people. This world needs love!ove you always,

Love you always,

Your Future Self


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