The Third Step | Book Review

 Meet Frankie, a young, disaffected amateur boxer, really more of a punching bag, a drunk and a drug addict. He is a loser at love, except for his relationship with his grandma, who, rumor has it, is a white witch. She, along with a handful of others, serve as his moral compass.
Frankie fights a lifelong struggle to find an understanding of the creator of the universe, not the poisoned caricature painted by the church and the “holy” people who seem to torment him.
His journey takes him from the East Coast down to New Orleans to face confrontations with his demons, both real and imagined. Along the way, the story is littered with tales of drug smuggling, murder, an affair with a woman who may be the devil herself, and an ultimate quest for revenge.

Frankie comes to terms with his addictions, but his search for a deeper understanding of this God entity and his need to connect with his soul could be his ultimate addiction, one that may follow him beyond the grave…


I felt as though I needed to post the description of the book just so you can know what to expect with this review. To be honest this book is hard to review. There are so many details so many things to cover when talking about this book. However, let’s start by showing you what I did rate this book.

Plot *****

Writing ***

Cover ***

Characters *****

Enjoyment ***

Pacing **

Total star rating = 3.5*



I rated the plot 5*. The plot itself and all the gritty details were fantastic! This was one of the few books where my predictions of what was going on happen next were almost never right. This book makes you doubt your intuition of what could happen. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. One moment you’re at one place and the next moment your completely thrown into the other direction. You end up getting reading whiplash, and you find yourself never satisfied never given what you want. At least not till you get to the end the book, and even that barely satisfies you.


This rating could very much change. For now, I will rate it a 3*. The reason I say this because of the editorial errors. There are a lot of editing errors, paragraphs that are doubled on accident, misplaced words, or just a lot of rep it ion of the same thing. However, if you can get passed that and ignore it the voice writing of this book is fantastic. This is an author that sees the world through different eyes and has written what he has seen in the world. Which somewhat saddens me, but at the same time, I am grateful.


The cover I rated 3* as well. As I have discussed in past reviews the cover is more of a personal preference rating. I rate covers half based on if I saw this on a bookshelf would I pick it up based solely on the cover with this book no I would most likely not pick this book up, for me, it is not ascetically pleasing to the eyes. However, that is not to say that the cover is perfect for this book! It shows the journey that the character goes through as well as the places he goes and sees. It is a small glimpse of his life through his eyes, his memories.


5*! The characters in this book all have their own backgrounds, stories, hardships, struggles, and life. He doesn’t just show you the main character Frankie view but also a glimpse into the life of those around him. This pulls you in gets you attached to them, so when he rips them away you feel hurt and loss. Even minor characters that may only be there briefly he shows a deep part of them so that even they have meaning. Tauthor’sors character building is breathtaking and well thought out.


This rating was rough, 3*. This is not a book that will make you smile, it will not give you happy loving butterflies in your tummy. This is not a book or story to enjoy.  This is a book that will tear you apart, it will make you feel so may emotions. You will feel anger, disappointment, heartache, betrayal, fear, shame, and so many other things. So did I enjoy this book no, but it is a story that will pull you in and draw you deeper than you want to go.


Pacing received 2*, this book tends to repeat a lot, or draw on scenes for a bit too long the only thing keeping you involved is the drama and need to know the outcome. Otherwise, this book dragged on in a lot of parts for far too long. It made it hard to get through, and I had to take many breaks. At some points, I wanted to read another book on the side, but I didn’t want to take the time this book deserved away from it. All I can say is hold on, take breaks the story and outcome are worth it.

So that is my in-depth review of The Third Step by William Lobb. It is a fantastic book, that will take you on a journey through a man’s eyes that have been through many trials and tribulations. His whole life fighting, not always sure what he was fighting for.


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